Discovery & Alignment

Working with stakeholders and product owners to refine and achieve consensus on the problem definition, and identify areas of both ambiguity and certainty to assist in planning research.

Research Planning

Every project has different constraints, and not every research method is appropriate to the project needs … I can help you plan for effective and efficient use of a limited budget.

UX Audits

A full audit of your digital product or service with feedback and recommendations for the customer experience. Find your strengths and weakness amongst competitors with best practice heuristics reviews, cognitive walkthroughs, and competitor comparisons.

User Research Interviews

One-to-one interviews deliver deep insights into why users behave the way they do. My service includes recruitment screeners, interview plans, transcripts, and excerpts.

Online Research

Set up, run, and analyse results from online testing tools such as navigation tree-testing, card sorting, first-click tests, and more esoteric methods. Produce recommendations based on analysing the results of these tests.

Analysis & Synthesis

From gathered research findings derive task models, scenarios, interaction flows, user journeys, empathy-maps, and personas.